Lessons From Bessemer Part 3: John Logan Rejects Jane McAlevey’s Critique of RWDSU

Apr 15, 2021 | Labor, Working Mass


By Working Mass

John Logan’s Bravery, Not Blowout issues a sharp critique to Jane McAlevey’s Blowout In Bessemer. Writing in Solidarity’s Against the Current, Logan makes the case that McAlevey’s widely-shared critique is not based on the facts.

Logan emphasises that it was Amazon’s unprecedented hiring spree, not the RWDSU’s ineptitude, that explains the change in bargaining unit size; he argues that RWDSU was not blindsided, but made an intentional choice not to surrender in response to Amazon’s dilution strategy. Logan also convincingly dispels criticisms about over-focus on celebrity endorsements and lack of community engagement. But his explanation for the RWDSU’s failure to conduct house-calls in the face of COVID-19 is less convincing.

Logan makes a strong argument that, despite the loss, this campaign “exposed a much larger, more diverse and younger audience to the brutal reality of no-holds-barred anti-union campaigns,” and opened up a broader national debate about unionization. 

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