January 2023 Newsletter: Housing

Jan 18, 2023 | Housing

Global real estate is valued at $217 trillion and makes up more than 60% of the world’s capital, 75% of which is in housing. As exploitable natural resources dwindle, curtailing commodity production, the ruling class has re-oriented towards rentier capitalism.

In this context, Boston DSA Housing working group organizes to build and support tenant unions, to build the power of working class people to confront the landlord and developer class, and to take control of our own homes and cities. In 2020, we contributed to the formation of the Greater Boston Tenants Union (GBTU) in 2020, a tenant-run, independent institution that is part of the national Autonomous Tenants Union Network

We are currently working on supporting GBTU eviction defense canvasses and ongoing organizing projects. In addition we are organizing political education events, particularly tenant organizer trainings, to develop our skill set, political analysis, and to help bring new organizers into the tenant unionist movement. Our next meeting is on Feb 20th, come through! For more info, sign up for our list.