Endorsement: MassCare Medicare For All Co-Sponsorship Letter

Feb 10, 2023 | Endorsements, Healthcare

Boston DSA signs onto the Mass-Care 2023 Medicare for All (M4A) cosponsorship letter that will be sent to legislators in the state house. This letter will ask legislators in both the state House and Senate to co-sponsor An Act Establishing Medicare for All in Massachusetts (H.1239 and S.744).

Last session, 40% of the Massachusetts State legislature cosponsored the M4A bill. In Congress, a majority of Democrats cosponsored the national legislation, including 5 of the 9 Massachusetts’ , as well as both U.S. Senators, Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey.

Boston DSA advocates for healthcare for all, without any means testing and regardless of class, race, citizenship status, gender, disability status, or any other reason. No one should risk financial ruin when they consider going to the doctor. Everyone must have access to quality government-financed medical care throughout their lives. This is most immediately achievable through a single-payer system..