Boston DSA official statement on the motion to expel Mike Connolly

Jul 4, 2023 | Chapter Updates

BOSTON, MA: Last week more than a dozen members in good standing of Boston DSA submitted to us, the local Coordinating Committee, a motion to expel Mike Connolly from the organization. It is the right of members to bring forth motions for the local to vote on, including motions to expel members who are, “found to be in substantial disagreement with the principles or policies of National DSA” (Article III Section 2).


Boston DSA is committed to democratic governance and will be conducting this process according to the bylaws of our organization. 


BDSA members should check their inboxes for further instructions on how to participate in the debate and voting on this motion. The vote will take place at the monthly general meeting of our membership on Sunday, July 23.


Connolly is the State Representative for the 26th Middlesex district, and while he was endorsed by the chapter in his initial 2016 run, he has not engaged with the chapter’s endorsement process nor been endorsed by BDSA since 2016.


We ask that the press, members of other DSA chapters, and the public respect our right to decide which politicians we endorse and how to best conduct our local electoral program. We are very proud of our electoral successes, including socialists we’ve elected to the State House, and Somerville, Medford, Cambridge and Boston city councils. We will continue to support candidates/electeds who abide by DSA’s platform/electoral program of empowering working people, winning a Green New Deal, ensuring housing for all, and more — and we will continue to work with our electeds toward a socialist future for Massachusetts.


Boston DSA will not be giving further comment on this matter until after the vote is concluded. Any other statements members might make on social media or to the press are personal and do not represent the views of the chapter or organization as a whole.