Boston DSA Endorses Democratic Socialist Evan MacKay

Mar 6, 2024 | Cambridge, Chapter Updates, Electoral, Endorsements

Cambridge, MA — The Boston Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) has endorsed its member Evan MacKay for Cambridge’s 25th Middlesex district in the Massachusetts State House. Boston DSA and its Cambridge Working Group have previously run successful candidates Quinton Zondervan and Jivan Sobrinho-Wheeler for Cambridge City Council. MacKay’s endorsement was determined by a full vote of the chapter’s 1,570 members.

“Boston DSA is proud to put forward a strong challenger dedicated to shaking up the status quo on Beacon Hill,” says Maritza Soto, a Cambridge DSA co-chair and public school parent from West Cambridge. “Tax giveaways hurt our families. We were proud to support the Fair Share Amendment, but then politicians gave tax cuts to large multi-state corporations and the rich when we still don’t have universal afterschool. We need more than words and promises.”

Evan MacKay is the former president of the Harvard Graduate Student Union, a local organizer on issues of social, racial, economic, and environmental justice, and an active member of Boston DSA. They are seeking office to be a strong advocate for a transparent government and for working class issues such as rent control. They plan to take a stand against the failures of the Massachusetts Democratic Party and State House leadership.

“Massachusetts has a reputation for being “progressive” but our state routinely fails to deliver for working class people,” says MacKay. “In 2022 our district voted overwhelmingly to tax the rich to fund public transportation and education, yet less than a year later, instead of funding universal afterschool and a functioning and reliable MBTA, our state representative voted to give enormous tax cuts to large multi-state corporations, the estates of the wealthiest people in MA, and the rich.”

Over 250 newly involved Cambridge residents have flocked to Cambridge DSA to help organize for a ceasefire in Palestine since October, showing their desire for an alternative to the Democratic establishment. Boston DSA member and district resident Ayah Al-Zubi says:

“I know Evan from the sociology department at Harvard. They are a passionate, active member of our community. If you want a leader that is committed and transparent, Evan is your person. I am confident they will not settle for anything less than justice.”